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The International Academy of Behavioral Medicine, Counseling and Psychotherapy, Inc. (IABMCP) is an international, multi-disciplinary, non-profit professional association which focuses upon the entire spectrum of behavioral medicine, counseling, psychotherapy, chemical dependency counseling and coaching. IABMCP offers membership to interested individuals at all levels of training and experience, with the highest level of membership being Diplomate Status (click here for Membership Categories). The Academy's members represent a wide variety of professions including, but not limited to, psychiatry, psychology, social work, counseling, coaching, medicine, chiropractic and human resources.

Important developments in the behavioral medicine, counseling, psychotherapy, chemical dependency counseling and coaching fields take place every month in many parts of the world. New approaches and techniques are developed, interesting educational programs are scheduled, significant research is undertaken, new applications of clinical techniques are discussed, and so forth. The Academy attempts to serve as an international forum to monitor these important developments and to assist its members in learning more about new developments throughout the world. The Academy also serves as a valuable reference source for individuals wishing to interact with colleagues from other countries and/or for individuals undertaking special projects dealing with topics relating to behavioral medicine, counseling, psychotherapy, chemical dependency counseling, and coaching.

The Academy offers Diplomate Status to those individuals who have demonstrated an advanced level of professional excellence and who voluntarily apply for IABMCP Diplomate Status. In many jurisdictions, professionals practicing in the areas of behavioral medicine, psychotherapy, counseling and coaching must be licensed/certified/registered for independent practice. Such licensing/certification/registration represents the minimum requirement for IABMCP Diplomate Status. Individuals applying for IABMCP Diplomate Status must be licensed/certified/registered at the highest level in the jurisdiction in which they practice and, in addition, must fulfill a number of other requirements. The requirements for IABMCP Diplomate Status are quite rigorous and are designed to attempt to insure that the holders of such Diplomate Status will be internationally recognized as having fulfilled extremely high standards for professional excellence. IABMCP Diplomate Status signifies that a practitioner has fulfilled extremely stringent criteria for professional excellence as judged by a select group of the practitioner's peers.

IABMCP Diplomate Status is currently offered in five (5) areas: Behavioral Medicine, Professional Counseling, Professional Psychotherapy, Chemical Dependency Counseling, and Professional Coaching. The Academy also offers Clinical Membership and Associate Membership to interested individuals.

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