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The Academy is continually seeking to expand membership benefits. Although membership benefits may vary somewhat from time to time, they generally include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Recognition of having fulfilled international, multi-disciplinary standards for advanced professional excellence - standards which many internationally prominent practitioners have helped to develop

  • Documentation of advanced accomplishment and a history of excellence in one’s chosen area(s) of professional practice

  • An attractive certificate, suitable for framing, attesting to one’s IABMCP Diplomate Status

  • Availability of a beautiful laminated plaque – walnut, mahogany, maple, and natural are currently available

  • The earned right to use the initials IABMCP after one’s name

  • Enhanced visibility and credibility with colleagues and prospective patients/clients

  • International conference calendars with important upcoming programs

  • Informative research and advisory services regarding a wide range of topics

  • Tuition waiver for Diplomates attending the annual Advanced International Winter Symposium entitled “Addictive Disorders, Behavioral Health and Mental Health” - held in Colorado Springs every January or early February

  • Press Releases regarding IABMCP Diplomate Status sent to select public and professional publications in the Diplomate’s community

  • Position placement service for those looking for positions and employers looking to fill positions

  • Professional Office Management Software available at significant discount

  • An opportunity to take advantage of powerful IABMCP practice-building approaches

  • Tuition discounts for an increasing number of valuable educational programs
    (Click here for Member Savings)

  • Savings on a variety of important professional publications
    (Click here for Member Savings)

  • Speaker’s Bureau ─ access to the bureau and the opportunity to be listed in it

  • An opportunity to interact with interesting colleagues from countries throughout the world

  • And much more

Benefits of Clinical and Associate Membership

Clinical and Associate Members (click here for Membership Categories) enjoy many of the same benefits as those enjoyed by IABMCP Diplomates, including the opportunity to attend many valuable educational programs with significantly reduced tuition. Clinical and Associate members also receive an attractive certificate suitable for framing, reduced prices for many publications, informative research and advisory services, an opportunity to interact with leading practitioners from throughout the world and access to The Academy’s Speakers Bureau and Position Placement Service.

Many Clinical and Associate Members become IABMCP Diplomates at some point in their future professional careers.


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