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E-Summits is a professional company that is one of the premier providers of online continuing education for mental health, behavioral health, counseling, psychotherapy, addiction and coaching professionals. E-Summits offers a wide variety of exciting courses that can be completed online by interested professionals anywhere in the world as long as they have access to the Internet.

Academy Diplomates/Members who wish to take any E-Summits online courses enjoy significant savings, frequently in the vicinity of twenty-five (25%) percent. The exact discounts that are available may vary from time to time and can be verified by contacting The Academy at info@IABMCP.org.

Continuing education credit is available from a wide variety of entities such as The American Psychological Association, The Association of Social Work Boards, The Association for Addiction Professionals, National Board of Certified Counselors, as well as many others.

A partial list of the wide range of courses available through the E-Summits professional library for which Academy Diplomates/Members can enjoy considerable savings includes the following titles:

  • 10 Steps to remarkable relationships: improving communication and understanding in anxious times
  • Effective therapy: a major force in enhancing moral development
  • Appreciating gender differences in treatment and recovery from chemical dependency
  • Internet gaming and addiction
  • Pharmacological treatment of addiction disorders
  • Stress and trauma management: implications for addiction and relapse
  • Treating the dually diagnosed in the outpatient setting
  • Life with pop: lessons on caring for an aging parent
  • Better than Prozac: using the new brain science to relieve depression and anxiety
  • Brain imaging in anxiety disorders
  • Brief strategic treatment for anxiety disorders: winning the anxiety game
  • Clinical toolbox for the treatment of eating disorders
  • Major elements of treatment: combining medications and psychotherapy
  • Mindful eating and the brain
  • Understanding and treating anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa
  • Get a grip: the importance of emotional regulation
  • Getting your life in flow: the essence of happiness
  • Practicing empathy with difficult clients
  • What resilient individuals do: implication for psychotherapists
  • Law, ethics and risk management
  • The development of the social and spiritual brain
  • The dissociative structural model: a way of understanding PTSD
  • A mindful approach to therapy: Freud meets Buddha
  • Eliminating self-defeating behavior: a cognitive behavioral approach
  • EMDR: Trauma therapy power tool
  • From positive psychology to effective psychotherapy
  • Fundamental principles for preventing and resolving psychological resistance
  • Maximizing critical junctions in therapeutic dialogue
  • Trauma model therapy: principles and strategies
  • Integrating mindfulness into trauma therapy
  • Neuroscience and brain imaging of trauma-related mental disorders
  • Science based treatment of early life developmental trauma
  • The link between trauma, depression and borderline personality disorders
  • Understanding and treating complex psychological trauma
  • Vicarious trauma: protecting the front line

Additional information regarding the E-Summits Professional Library, including a complete list of available courses and detailed descriptions of their content, can be found by visiting their website at www.e-summits.com.

Academy members with suggestions regarding courses to possibly add to the E-Summits Professional Library are invited to forward any such suggestions to The Academy at info@IABMCP.org. All suggestions should be as detailed as possible and will be carefully considered.

The Academy also frequently co-sponsors with the Ben Franklin Institute, an E-Summits affiliated entity, on-site training programs for mental health professionals. Major tuition savings are available to Academy Diplomates/Members who wish to attend any of these on-site educational programs. A schedule of these programs can be found on The Academy’s website at www.IABMCP.org.



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