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  • Diplomate Status in Behavioral Medicine
  • Diplomate Status in Professional Counseling
  • Diplomate Status in Professional Psychotherapy
  • Diplomate Status in Chemical Dependency Counseling
  • Diplomate Status in Professional Coaching

The International Academy of Behavioral Medicine, Counseling and Psychotherapy Inc. (IABMCP) invites qualified mental health practitioners throughout the world to apply for IABMCP Diplomate Status

  • Join Some of the Most Prominent Practitioners in the World

  • Secure Recognition for Professional Excellence

  • Receive an Attractive Certificate Suitable for Framing

  • Attend Educational Programs at Reduced Tuition

  • Take Advantage of Powerful Practice Building Techniques

  • Attend Annual International Symposium Free

  • Access to Research and Advisory Services

  • Purchase Quality Publications at Reduced Prices

  • Speakers Bureau and Position Placement Information

  • Support the Development of International Standards for Professional Excellence

  • Enjoy Extensive Membership Benefits

  • Restricted Grandparent Period Currently in Effect

Membership Categories


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