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The Academy recognizes and understands that there are a number of different professions involved in the understanding and treatment of emotional and behavioral problems - and that others are involved in assisting individuals who wish to enhance their personal growth and to fulfill their particular goals- and that no one profession has a monopoly on "the truth". Similarly, The Academy further recognizes that there are a number of different valid approaches to the understanding and treatment of emotional and behavioral problems and to facilitating personal growth and fulfillment - and that there is no "best" approach.

Since one of the tenets of The Academy's basic philosophy is that no particular profession or specific approach has all the answers to the complex questions of understanding and treating emotional and behavioral problems and to facilitating personal growth, The Academy does not exclusively endorse or favor any particular profession or specific approach. But rather, it is one of The Academy's objectives to recognize all practitioners who fulfill advanced standards for professional excellence regardless of the particular profession from which they come or the specific approach(es) that they employ.

IABMCP Diplomates are expected to always conduct their professional practices and all their dealings in accordance with the highest ethical standards. The Academy's Code of Ethics requires that all Diplomates/Members treat their clients/patients with respect and dignity, always placing the interests and needs of their clients/patients ahead of their own.

The Academy is extremely proud of the fact that its Diplomates represent a number of different professions and practice a wide variety of approaches. The one common characteristic of all IABMCP Diplomates is that they have voluntarily applied to The Academy for Diplomate Status and have been judged by their peers as having fulfilled extremely high and rigorous standards for professional excellence.

The requirements for IABMCP Diplomate Status are described elsewhere on this website. These requirements are continually being evaluated and are subject to change. One of The Academy's objectives is to promote the highest standards for professional excellence and to attempt to assure that IABMCP Diplomates are recognized as leaders in the fields of Behavioral Medicine, Counseling, Psychotherapy, Chemical Dependency Counseling and Coaching. The Academy does not discriminate on the basis of age, sex, religion, nationality handicap, political beliefs, or any other criteria other than professional excellence.


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