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From month to month there are many exciting developments that will be great interest to many IABMCP Diplomates / Members. Membership benefits continue to expand as does the schedule of the educational programs that IABMCP Diplomates / Members may attend at reduced tuition.

This newsletter summarizes a few recent developments, sequenced in no particular order.

Credit Card Payment Option – All Academy application fees, dues renewal fees, reactivation fees, and any other fees can now be paid by credit card, as well as by check or money order. In response to many requests, all such fees can now be paid on-line with any major credit card.

John Wiley & Sons – is offering a 20% to 25% discounts to any Academy members who wish to order any of their publications. John Wiley & Sons is a major publisher, in business for well over 100 years. They have an extensive catalog of publications of interest to mental health professionals - dealing with a wide range of topics including, but not limited to, clinical psychology, psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, assessment, addictive disorders, family therapy and child psychology. Visit their website at http://www.wiley.com for information regarding the full range of their publications with accompanying descriptions. Before ordering, please e-mail The Academy for the special promotional code needed for IABMCP Diplomates/Members to take advantage of the special discounts.

The Stens Corporation – for well over 25 years has been offering high quality Biofeedback Training including a 5 day Professional Biofeedback Certificate Program and a 4 day Professional EEG Neurofeedback Certificate Program. Their program was among the first to receive accreditation from the Biofeedback Certificate Institute of America. Tuition discounts are available to Academy members. High quality equipment is also often available at reduced prices. For additional information and a schedule of upcoming programs, please contact The Academy at Info@IABMCP.org.

IABMCP Diplomate Status in Professional Coaching Now Available – in response to increasing demand The Academy has recently added Professional Coaching as an additional area in which it offers IABMCP Diplomate Status to highly qualified practitioners. The coaching profession has exploded in recent years and significant growth is expected in the coming years. Requirements for IABMCP Diplomate Status in Professional Coaching include a minimum of five years of professional experience satisfactory to the Academy in its breath and scope. Additional information is available on The Academy’s website at http://www.IABMCP.org.

Reactivate Your IABMCP Diplomate Status – if you have let your IABMCP Diplomate Status/Membership lapse, request a reactivation packet by e-mailing The Academy at Info@IABMCP.org or by visiting The Academy’s website at http://www.IABMCP.org . Although reactivation is not guaranteed, there is a streamlined process in place to consider all reactivation candidates. There are many exciting plans for the future and we hope that you will be joining us.

The ADD Centre – in Ontario, Canada offers high-quality intensive, training in neurofeedback, biofeedback and applied psychophysiology. Workshop leaders are Lynda Thompson, Ph.D. and Michael Thompson, MD. Reduced tuition is available for Academy members. Additional information is available at http://www.ADDCentre.com .

Beautiful Laminated Plaques – attesting to one’s Diplomate Status, Clinical Membership, or Associate Membership are now available. Finishes include Maple, Mahogany, Walnut and Natural. Additional information and order forms may be obtained by contacting our office at Info@IABMCP.org. New Academy Diplomates, Clinical Members, and Associate Members receive an attractive parchment certificate, suitable for framing, for which there is no charge.

Excellent Practice Management Software - is now available at reduced prices to Academy members. Published by Beaver Creek Software (Corvallis, Oregon) and named “The Therapist”, this professional office management software is powerful, easy to use, supports up to 99 therapists, tracks payments and authorizations, prints statements, tracks referral sources and offers too many features and advantages to enumerate here.

Exciting Opportunity for Graduate/Medical Students – who may join The Academy as Associate Members. Requirements include superior academic performance, a high quality work sample and strong faculty recommendations. Many Associate Members become Clinical Members and IABMCP Diplomates as they progress in their careers. Information and application materials are available on The Academy’s website at http://www.IABMCP.org.

Behavioral Medicine/Pain Management Courses – tuition discounts are available to Academy Diplomates/Members who wish to take any of the intensive courses that are offered by The Behavioral Medicine Research and Training Foundation of Port Angeles, Washington. These courses are very comprehensive, generally 45 to 50 hours in length, and deal with a variety of topics such as biofeedback, neurofeedback, hypnosis, and pain assessment and interventions for behavioral clinicians. For more information, please visit The Behavioral Medicine Research and Training Foundation’s website at http://www.behavmedfoundation.org .

Hogrefe & Huber – a major publisher of books and journals of interest to health care professionals – is offering significant discounts to any Academy Diplomates/Members who wish to purchase any of their publications. Their publications deal with a wide variety of topics including alcohol use disorders, emotion and aggressive behavior, chronic illness in children and adolescents, borderline disorders, practical child and adolescent psychiatry, post-traumatic stress disorders, cognitive therapy with schizophrenic patients, suicidal behavior and self-injury, understanding obsessive-compulsive behavior, psychotropic drugs, as well as many others. A catalog of their publications may be viewed at http://www.hhpub.com .

Position Placement Service – if you are looking for a position, or are looking to fill a position, in any area(s) relating to behavioral medicine, psychotherapy, counseling, chemical dependency counseling, and/or coaching – please let us know and we will be happy to endeavor to be of assistance. Please e-mail the relevant information to Info@IABMCP.org. You may also visit our website at http://www.IABMCP.org and complete the appropriate questionnaire.

Prominent Coaching Professionals Join the Advisory Council – The Academy is most pleased to announce that a number of internationally prominent members of the professional coaching community have joined The Academy’s Professional Advisory Council. These recent additions include Katherine Tulpa (Founding Chair and CEO of the Association for Coaching), Richard Strozzi – Heckler (Founder of The Strozzi Work and President of Strozzi Institute) and Madeleine Homan Blanchard (Vice-President, Coaching Services at The Ken Blanchard Companies, and a founder of the International Coach Federation and of Coach University).

Dr. Ahmed Okasha – IABMCP Vice-President is chairing a special Academy committee to evaluate psychiatrists from countries throughout the world who are candidates for IABMCP Diplomate Status. As the former president of the World Psychiatric Association with over 100 member societies, Dr. Okasha has extensive knowledge and expertise regarding standards for psychiatric excellence throughout the world.

Health Forum On-Line – offers on-line courses dealing with a wide variety of topics of interest to mental health professionals. A 30% tuition reduction is available to IABMCP Diplomates who wish to take Health Forum courses, many of which have been approved for various types of continuing education credit. Additional information about the wide range of on-line courses presently available may be found on the Academy’s website http://www.IABMCP.org

Quit Smart – is one of the most effective stop smoking programs currently available. It was developed by Dr. Robert Shipley, who is the Director of the Duke University Medical Center Stop Smoking Clinic. Dr. Shipley has trained over 2000 certified Quit Smart Leaders and now offers health professionals a home-study option. Mental health professionals may now learn Dr. Shipley’s treatment program. Program discounts are available to Academy Diplomates who wish to become certified Quit Smart leaders. Additional information may be requested by e-mailing The Academy at Info@IABMCP.org.

Press Releases – regarding your Diplomate Status and including some brief biographical information, can be sent upon request to publications of your choice. If you are interested in having such press releases sent out by The Academy, please e-mail us at Info@IABMCP.org and request the appropriate form. The Academy will make every effort to send these press releases out as quickly as possible.

Upcoming Annual Academy Co-Sponsored International Winter Symposium – Entitled “Addictive Disorders and Behavioral Health” is held in Colorado Springs every January. Full tuition scholarships are available to Academy Diplomates. This annual Winter Symposium features many internationally prominent authorities presenting on a wide range of topics relating to the understanding, diagnosis and treatment of addiction problems.

Academy’s Speakers’ Bureau – if you would like to be added to The Academy’s Speakers’ Bureau, please e-mail us the relevant information to Info@IABMCP.org. Please include some brief information regarding available topics, length of presentations, appropriate audiences, and general range of fees. Please also include a brief statement regarding your background and, if available, a current curriculum vitae. You can also mail this information to The Academy at 3208 North Academy Blvd., Suite 160, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80917 USA.

Mental Health Resources – during the last two years The Academy has been working hard to put together as comprehensive a list as possible of organizations, associations and other entities that are in any way involved with behavioral medicine, counseling, psychotherapy, chemical dependency counseling, coaching and any related topics. Most of this information appears on The Academy’s website under Links. Any suggestions regarding possible additions would be appreciated and should be e-mailed to The Academy at Info@IABMCP.org

The Ben Franklin Institute – will be co-sponsoring with The Academy a number of exciting programs for mental health professionals during the coming year. Some recent programs have included: “Advanced Clinical Training and Strategies”; “Advanced Treatments for Eating Disorders”; “Advanced Clinical Training in the Treatment of Trauma, Anger and Anxiety”; “Brain Matters: Neuroscience, Trauma & Recovery”; and “Emerging Trends in Psychotherapy”. Please check the Academy’s conference schedule for details as they become available regarding upcoming conferences. Tuition discounts are available for Academy members.

Dr. Maxie C. Maultsby – one of The Academy’s founders and long time IABMCP Diplomate, is now offering a two day program on Rational Behavioral Therapy which he describes as a short term cognitive behavior therapy that provides long term results. Dr. Maultsby is an internationally prominent authority in the area of cognitive/behavioral therapy and the author of many books and articles on the subject. Organizations and associations that are interested in sponsoring one of Dr. Maultsby’s programs are invited to contact The Academy at Info@IABMCP.org for additional information.

Albert Ellis Institute - is offering a number of exciting programs dealing with Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT). Visit the Institute’s website at http://www.AlbertEllisInstitute.org. Dr. Albert Ellis, founder of the Albert Ellis Institute and one of the most influential psychotherapists in the 20th century, was a member of The Academy’s Advisory Council for many years and provided a great deal of invaluable guidance.

Dr. James Masterson – IABMCP Diplomate and an internationally renowned authority in the area of psychoanalytic psychotherapy, is offering a significant tuition discount to IABMCP Diplomates/Members who wish to attend any of his educational programs. Additional information is available upon request. You may also want to visit http://www.mastersoninstitute.org .

Drs. Kateel and Rajani Pai Appointed IABMCP Regional Vice-Presidents for India - Drs. Pai, IABMCP Diplomates in Behavioral Medicine and Professional Psychotherapy, are internationally-known psychiatrists who have made enormous contributions in the areas of psychiatry, psychotherapy and mental health. They currently own and operate a large private psychiatric hospital in Karnataka, India. Drs. Pai may be reached at The Academy’s new Regional Office for India. The address is as follows: Manasa Hospital, J.P.N. Road, 1st Cross, Shimoga, 577 201, Karnataka, INDIA.

On-Site Training Programs - The Academy can often arrange for high-quality, on-site training programs for mental health professionals that deal with a number of different topics. Some of these programs deal with specific topics/treatment approaches such as cognitive/behavioral therapy, biofeedback, rational emotive education, the treatment of eating disorders, rational living behavior therapy, basic and advanced coaching approaches, as well as many others. These programs can be offered on-site anywhere in the world. Some of these programs lead to basic certification. A variety of continuing education credits are available for many of the programs. Various time formats are possible and programs can be individualized to best fulfill the needs of specific professional audiences. For additional information or requests for specific programs, please e-mail The Academy at Info@IABMCP.org .

David M. Clarke, MBBS, Ph.D., MPM, FRANCP – has been appointed IABMCP Regional Vice-President for Southern Australia. Dr. Clarke is currently professor of Psychiatry and Psychological Medicine at Monash University in Victoria, Australia. He has a wealth of professional experience, has published / presented on a wide variety of topics and currently also serves as a research advisor to beyondblue: National Depression Initiative. The Academy is extremely pleased to have someone with Dr. Clarke’s vast experience assume the role of Regional Vice-President for Southern Australia.

Academy Website - visit the Academy’s website at http://www.IABMCP.org for the latest information on upcoming conferences, membership savings and recent news and developments. The Academy’s website contains a great deal of interesting information with regard to behavioral medicine, psychotherapy, counseling, chemical dependency counseling, and coaching – as well as information and application materials relating to the different categories of Academy Membership.

Significant Tuition Discounts – are available to IABMCP Diplomates for a number of valuable educational programs. Information regarding some of these programs may be found by visiting The Academy’s website at http://www.IABMCP.org . If there are specific programs that you would like to see added, please e-mail your recommendations to Info@IABMCP.org.

Dr. Lily Rosqueta-Rosales – IABMCP Regional Vice-President for the Far East, invites Academy members who are planning to visit her region of the world, to contact her for information regarding the status of counseling/psychotherapy/behavioral medicine in the Far East or for any other information that might be desired. Dr. Rosqueta-Rosales may be reached at The Academy’s Regional Office for the Far East, 69 Mangyani Street, La Vista, Quezon City 1108 Philippines.

Dr. Charles D. Spielberger – Past President of The American Psychological Association and presently Distinguished Research Professor at the University of South Florida, has joined The Academy’s Professional Advisory Council.

Dr. William Glasser – IABMCP Diplomate and Advisory Council Member, continues to refine the applications of Choice Therapy to many areas of human interaction. Visit The William Glasser Institute at http://www.wglasser.com .

Research and Advisory Services – The Academy is always trying to update its knowledge of the current status of behavioral medicine, psychotherapy, counseling, chemical dependency counseling, and coaching throughout the world. If you are an Academy Member/Diplomate and have any relevant questions or comments, please let us know and we will be happy to provide you with any pertinent information that we might have and/or will attempt to undertake the necessary research to answer your questions. Please e-mail any questions you might have to Info@IABMCP.org.

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