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One of The Academy's major objectives is to promote the highest standards for professional excellence and attempt to assure that IABMCP Diplomates are recognized as leaders in the fields of Behavioral Medicine, Counseling, Psychotherapy, Chemical Dependency Counseling and Coaching. Many internationally prominent practitioners have assisted in the development of international standards for IABMCP Diplomate Status.

It is to be emphasized that IABMCP Diplomate Status is not intended to be, nor should it be construed as being, a substitute for any legal requirements for practicing behavioral medicine, counseling, psychotherapy, chemical dependency counseling and/or coaching that may exist within a state, province, country or any other jurisdiction. But rather, licensing/certification/registration at the highest level by the appropriate jurisdiction within which a candidate practices is generally considered to be the minimum requirement for IABMCP Diplomate Status.

An IABMCP Diplomate/Member's professional practice must always be in full compliance with all existing laws, rules and regulations within the jurisdiction within which he/she practices. The basic requirements for IABMCP Diplomate Status are generally as follows:

  • Appropriate advanced degree(s) in Candidate's chosen profession
  • Specific training satisfactory to The Academy in its scope and depth in the area(s) in which the Candidate is applying for Diplomate Status
  • Licensing/Certification/Registration at the highest level by the relevant jurisdiction in which the Candidate practices
  • Minimum of five years of acceptable post-graduate professional experience
  • Minimum of 7,500 hours of clinical practice or other experience acceptable to The Academy
  • Satisfactory professional references from appropriate individuals (colleagues and/or supervisors)
  • No record of disciplinary action by any licensing or certifying entity or misdemeanor/felony conviction without written explanation acceptable to The Academy
  • Comprehensive examination – may be waived for qualified candidates during the Restricted Grandparent Period
  • Agreement to always adhere to and uphold the highest ethical standards as described in The Academy's Code of Ethics , as well as the code of ethics of the Candidate's profession
  • Any requirements for IABMCP Diplomate Status may be added, deleted, modified or waived without notice at the discretion of The Academy's Executive Committee for Clinical Standards and Credentialing.
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A restricted grandparent period, during which the comprehensive examination may be waived for qualified candidates, is currently in effect.

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