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Valuable additions for your professional library

In collaboration with Summit Books and Videos, The Academy is able to offer to its Diplomates/Members significant savings for a variety of books and videos dealing with a wide range of topics of interest to mental health professionals.

Some of the prominent authors whose works are available in these formats include:

  • A. Steven Frankel
  • Anita Johnston
  • Ann Kearney-Cooke
  • Bill O’Hanlon
  • Brene Brown
  • Cardwell Nuckols
  • Clifton Mitchell
  • Colin Ross
  • David Sack
  • Dena Cabrera
  • Dennis Ortman
  • Dirk Eldredge
  • Don Meichenbaum
  • Donald Altman
  • Donna Markus
  • Douglas Braun-Harvey
  • Harriet Lerner
  • J. Douglas Bremner
  • Jack Kuo
  • Janis Abrahms Spring
  • John Bradshaw
  • John Briere
  • John Lee
  • Laurel Parnell
  • Laurie Pearlman
  • Leo Booth
  • Marcia Herrin
  • Margo Maine
  • Pat Love
  • Pauline Powers
  • Ralph Carson
  • Rebecca Cooper
  • Reid Wilson
  • Robert Ackerman
  • Robert Chapman
  • Robert Johnson
  • Robert Weiss
  • Shari Corbitt
  • Terrence T. Gorski
  • Walter Kaye

For detailed information regarding the many valuable publications for which Academy Diplomates/Members may enjoy considerable savings, please visit the Summit Books and Videos website at http://www.summitbookstore.com.

Important Note - if you are interested in continuing education credit, many of the publications referenced in this section may be taken online so that they can be conveniently accessed and completed by interested individuals anywhere in the world as long as they have Internet access. For more information please visit the section entitled E-Summits Online Courses.


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