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The Academy offers qualified Graduate and Medical Students an exciting opportunity to join The Academy as Associate Members.

Associate Members enjoy many of the same benefits as IABMCP Diplomates and Clinical Members including the opportunity to attend many valuable educational programs at significantly reduced tuition. This affords such students the opportunity to interact with many internationally prominent authorities in the areas of Behavioral Medicine, Psychotherapy, Counseling, Chemical Dependency Counseling, and Coaching. Associate Members also have access to many research and advisory services, valuable publications at reduced rates, speakers bureau, and position placement information.

Many students who become IABMCP Associate Members later become Clinical Members and IABMCP Diplomates as they progress in their professional careers. The requirements for Clinical Membership and IABMCP Diplomate Status may be found elsewhere on this website.

The requirements for IABMCP Associate Membership are quite rigorous and include superior academic performance, strong faculty recommendations and a high quality work sample. Successful candidates receive an attractive certificate suitable for framing.

To download an application for Associate Membership click here.


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