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The International Academy of Behavioral Medicine, Counseling and Psychotherapy, Inc. (IABMCP), known as The Academy, is a multi-disciplinary, non-profit, professional association dedicated to the recognition and pursuit of professional excellence throughout the world. The Academy's main offices are in Dallas, Texas (USA) with regional offices throughout the world.

The Academy offers qualified practitioners Diplomate Status in five areas: Behavioral Medicine, Professional Counseling, Professional Psychotherapy, Chemical Dependency Counseling and Professional Coaching. The requirements for Diplomate Status are quite rigorous, and attempt to assure that the holders of such Diplomate Status will be internationally recognized as having fulfilled extremely high standards for professional excellence.

If you are interested and believe that you are qualified, The Academy would like to extend a personal invitation to you to join its growing world-wide professional community. Informational and application materials may be found on this website.

There is currently in effect a Restricted Grandparent Period during which qualified candidates may apply for IABMCP Diplomate Status without examination. All candidates applying under the Restricted Grandparent Period Provision must be licensed/certified/registered at the highest level in the jurisdiction in which they practice, must have at least five years of satisfactory post-graduate experience, and must be approved by the Academy's Executive Committee for Clinical Standards and Credentialing.

Clinical Membership is available to individuals who wish to join The Academy, but who do not yet qualify for IABMCP Diplomate Status. Many Clinical Members become IABMCP Diplomates at a later date when they have fulfilled additional criteria required for Diplomate Status.

Associate Membership is available to qualified graduate and medical students. Many Associate and Clinical Members become IABMCP Diplomates at some point in their future professional careers.

Both Clinical and Associate Members enjoy many of the same benefits as those enjoyed by IABMCP Diplomates (click here for Benefits), including the opportunity to attend many valuable educational programs at significantly reduced tuition.

Established over twenty years ago, The Academy is, to the best of our knowledge, the first multi-disciplinary professional association that is seeking to develop international standards for professional excellence. We look forward to the possibility of your becoming a Diplomate of The Academy and working with us toward this and other exciting goals.

The Academy


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