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IABMCP Member Savings


The Academy is very pleased to announce that a growing number of conference organizers and publishers are offering significant savings to IABMCP Diplomates/Members. Below please find information regarding some of the educational programs and professional publications that are available to IABMCP Diplomates/Members at significant discounts.

All information regarding Member Savings, as well as any other information on this website, is subject to change without notice. The Academy assumes no responsibility or liability for any programs, publications or other material that appears in the Member Savings section or elsewhere on this website.

Benefits being offered by conference organizers and publishers to IABMCP Diplomates/Members may differ from time to time. Conference organizers and publishers are frequently added to the list and are sometimes deleted. Sometimes specific promotional codes are required to access these discounts. For the most recent information regarding the savings that are available to IABMCP Diplomates/Members, as well as the procedures for applying for these savings please contact The Academy at Info@IABMCP.org.

45 Hillside Terrace
Novato, California 99945


Offers a wide variety of on-line courses of interest to mental health professionals. These courses deal with many different topics including, but not limited to, drug addiction, crisis intervention, eating disorders, depression, psychopharmacology, domestic violence, hypnosis, play therapy and bi-polar disorders. These courses have been approved for continuing education credit by a number of organizations/organizations including The American Psychological Association, The National Association of Social Workers, The National Board for Certified Counselors, The Association for Play Therapy, The Board of Registered Nursing and The Association for Addiction Professionals.

50 Village Centre Place
Mississauga, ON
Canada L4Z 1V9


Offers a variety of educational programs dealing with neurofeedback, biofeedback and applied psychophysiology and how they can be used in treating disorders such as ADHD, LD, Asperger’s/Autistic Spectrum, Movement Disorders, Emotional Disorders, etc. The programs include education, training, and learning for professionals at all levels of training and experience.

The ADD Centre is the largest centre in Canada using EEG Biofeedback for ADD, providing over 100 hours of training each week. The ADD Centre also offers (twice a year, in May and September) a 5 day workshop with 36 hours of didactic instruction. This workshop provides comprehensive instruction in the basics of neurofeedback (combined with biofeedback) with an experience of Canada’s North. The workshop location is at a small inn on the shores of Stony Lake in the beautiful Kawartha Lakes District northeast of Toronto. Time is allowed for relaxation and/or the enjoyment of water sports, nature walks, excursions to a nearby Indian Art Gallery, and a visit to the ancient Peterborough Petroglyphs at the far end of the lake. Enrollment is limited. Teaching includes: assessment (1,2,19 channel), Neuroguide and LORETA analysis, and psychophysiological stress assessment. Participants will learn how to combine NFB with biofeedback for common disorders and for optimizing performance.

For information about the instructors (Lynda Thompson, Ph.D., C.Psych., BCIAC-EEG, and Michael Thompson, B.Sc., MD, D.Psych.) and for an outline of the course syllabus, visit their website at http://www.addcentre.com. Additional workshops are also often presented in many different countries (e.g., Switzerland, Poland, Sweden, Italy, and the USA). Please visit the website for a schedule of all upcoming programs.

204 W. Water Street
Woodbury, Tennessee 37190


Affect Plus offers quality continuing education for psychologists, social workers, mental health counselors and marriage and family therapists. Dedicated to the professional’s CE needs since 1988, Affect Plus provides personal service, with reasonable prices and a user-friendly website. CE courses may be taken online or by mail. Topics include ethics, boundary issues, bipolar disorders, depression, domestic violence, grief, dream work, couples therapy, families and children, elders, medical issues, psychopharmacology, phototherapy, substance abuse, solution-focused brief therapy, testifying in court, ADHD, OCD, PTSD, HIV/AIDS, autism spectrum disorders, and more. Affect Plus is an APA, NBCC and ASWB-approved provider. For more information and detailed course descriptions, visit http://www.affectplus.com.

P.O. Box 1688
Alachua, Florida 32616


Offers a wide variety of online courses dealing with a number of topics of interest to mental health professionals for one low yearly fee. These courses deal with a wide variety of topics in various categories including family counseling, addictions theory, pharmacology, counseling and crisis intervention, assessment and screening, diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders, supervision, addiction professional training, as well as many others. These courses are approved for CEU credit by a number of professional organizations and licensing boards. Detailed information regarding CEU approval by various entities is available on AllCEUs’s website at http://www.allceus.com.

One Beach Street, Suite 200
San Francisco, California 94133


Alliant International University is a private higher education institution based in San Diego, California that offers programs in six California cities (San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles, Irvine, Sacramento and Fresno) and at a number of locations outside the United States including Mexico City, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Alliant’s continuing education programs address a wide range of mental health issues and topics including the treatment of addictive disorders, suicide prevention, psychopharmacology, stress reduction, post-traumatic stress disorders, supervision law and ethics, group therapy theories and techniques, as well as many others. Alliant’s continuing education courses are delivered classroom-style at their six campuses throughout the state of California and also online through a variety of distance related technologies. They are approved by The American Psychological Association, The California Board of Behavioral Sciences, The California Board of Registered Nursing and The National Board for Certified Counselors. For additional information regarding Alliant International University and their continuing education course offerings, please visit their website at http://www.alliant.edu.

4019 Westerly Place, Suite 100
Newport Beach, California 92660


Offers comprehensive 5 day courses focusing upon single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT), a form of brain imagery technology, and how it may be used in the diagnosis and treatment of psychiatric problems. In depth discussion of how SPECT can benefit clinicians, as well as patients and their families.

3208 North Academy Blvd.
Suite 160
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80917


Annual four-day conference held in Colorado Springs, Colorado and featuring many internationally prominent authorities in the areas of behavioral health, mental health and the diagnosis and treatment of addictive disorders. This annual conference, which has been offered for over 30 years, is generally held in late January/early February with the exact dates and schedules usually being finalized sometime during the preceding September. Full tuition fellowships are available to Academy Diplomates/Members who wish to attend, as well as reduced rates for rooms in the hotel where the symposium is held. Continuing education credit is available from a wide variety of professional associations and organizations. Please visit http://www.ggforrest.com for additional details.

79 Daily Drive #133
Camarillo, California 93010


Offers an increasing number of on-line continuing education courses dealing with a myriad of topics including alcoholism and substance abuse dependency, anger management, anxiety disorders, bipolar disorders, depressive disorders, family therapy, group therapy, crisis counseling, cognitive behavior therapy, post traumatic stress disorders and psychopharmacology. Continuing education is available from a number of different entities. For additional information, including detailed course descriptions, please visit Aspira’s website at http://www.aspirace.com.

5126 Ralston Street
Ventura, California 93003


AATBS has supported the needs of over 500,000 mental health professionals throughout the United States since it opened its doors in 1976. Their catalogue of courses offers a wide range of topics including, but not limited to, diagnosis and treatment, early childhood development, alcohol and drug abuse, crisis intervention, neuropsychology, family therapy, depression, panic disorders and treating addictions. Continuing education credit is available from many organizations/associations. For a full list and descriptions of programs available through AATBS, please visit their website at http://www.aatbs.com.

10200 W. 44th Avenue
Suite 304
Wheat Ridge, Colorado 80033


Founded in 1969 as The Biofeedback Research Society, the goals of AAPB are to promote a new understanding of biofeedback and to advance the methods used in this practice. AAPB offers a variety of teleseminars dealing with a wide range of biofeedback topics. These seminars can be taken from the comfort and convenience of your own home or office. If you are seeking Biofeedback Certification Institute of America (BCIA) certification or recertification, AAPB sponsored professional education programs can be used to meet BCIA didactic training and recertification CE requirements. For additional information please visit AAPB’s website at http://www.aapb.org

14241 NE Woodinville — Duvall Rd. # 104
Woodinville, WA 98072-8564


Offers a wide variety of on-line courses of interest to mental health professionals. A few of the many topics with which these courses deal are ADHD, anger management, anxiety disorder, bipolar disorders, brief therapy, children and adolescents, coaching, couples therapy, depression, DSM-IV Diagnosis, ethics and law, grief and loss, obsessive-compulsive disorders, pain management, personality disorders, PTSD, relationship issues and schizophrenia. High quality on-line courses are continually being added. Continuing education credit is available from a number of different organizations/associations. Please visit http://www.athealth.com for additional information.

6312 SW Capital Highway #421
Portland, Oregon 97239


The Baraka Institute: Leadership Development and Coach Training Center provides training and coaching using cutting-edge technology for various personal, professional, and organizational development using whole person and whole coaching methodologies. The tools employed in these coaching training programs integrate the creative power of the mind with the grounded wisdom of the body to expand human potential and manifest lasting change and growth. The courses are approved by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and are presented in a dynamic, experiential style. Baraka’s coaching curriculum is designed to fully integrate ICF professional coaching competencies so that they become second nature to the practicing coach. An assortment of coaching programs and workshops are offered at various locations throughout the Pacific Northwest and sometimes at other select locations throughout the world. Online programs have recently commenced. Additional information, including a schedule of upcoming programs, may be found by visiting the Institute’s website at http://www.barakainstitute.com.

525 SW Sixth Street
Corvallis, Oregon 97333


Offers a comprehensive billing and practice - management software package. This system is extremely powerful, supporting up to 99 therapists, and is easy to install and use. Among its many features are generating client statements, tracking pre-authorizations and insurance maximums, storing treatment plans and clinical notes, and submitting claims electronically. Visit Beaver Creek Software’s website for detailed information.

6576 Blue Mountain Road
Port Angeles, WA 98362


The Academy is pleased to announce that it is co-sponsoring (with The Behavioral Medicine Research and Training Foundation) a number of intensive courses dealing with behavioral medicine, pain management, and a number of important related topics.

Most courses are on CD and include topics such as “EEG Biofeedback/Neurofeedback”, “Neuropsychophysiology (Advanced EEG)”, “Pain Assessment and Intervention for Behavioral Clinicians”, “Hypnosis”, and “General Biofeedback”. These courses are very comprehensive, generally 45 to 50 hours in length, and feature e-mail and/or phone communication with the instructor. For more information please visit The Behavioral Medicine Research and Training Foundation's website at http://www.behavmedfoundation.org.

P.O. Box 7128
Cave Creek, Arizona 85327


Generally offers at least six outstanding training programs each year for mental health professionals in great locations throughout the country. Programs are usually three to four days in length and feature some of the top presenters available. Recent and upcoming topics include Advanced Clinical Training for Therapists and Counselors; Breakthroughs in the Treatment of Trauma, Anger and Anxiety; and Clinical Strategies: For the Many Sides of Addictions, Related Disorders and Emotional Suffering. Continuing education credit is available from many different organizations/associations. Please visit their website at http://www.bfisummit.com for additional information. Many of the programs are co-sponsored by The Academy and a schedule of upcoming programs may be obtained by contacting The Academy at Info@IABMCP.org.

P.O. Box 555
3800 AN Amersfoort
The Netherlands


BFE workshops are ideal for seasoned health professionals, researchers and newcomers who want to keep up-to-date in the field or are just getting started in biofeedback. From half day to full five day workshops, participants learn how to use the latest biofeedback technology. Workshops provide hands-on demonstrations on how to set up the equipment, using different senses, sensor placements, and the different biofeedback and neurofeedback signals. Each workshop provides in depth “hands-on” training sessions with instruction on how to use the software and hardware. Instructors provide the practical application of setting up and running a session, recording data and reviewing the data for its technical validity. A wide variety of on-line courses and special webinars are also available through the Biofeedback Foundation of Europe.

6542 Hayes Drive
Los Angeles, California 90048


Offers a wide variety of workshops helping individuals to train to reduce stress and improve brain function using the latest biofeedback technology. Titles of workshops that are frequently offered include “Introduction to HEG Neurofeedback”, “Advanced Applications of HEG: Emotion Regulation”, “Peak Performance/Stress Management Training with Biofeedback”, “Attention Enhancement (ADD/ADHD) with Biofeedback”, “Pain/Migraine Management with Biofeedback”, and “Anxiety/Depression Management with Biofeedback”. Detailed descriptions of these workshops, as well as many others, may be found by visiting The Institute’s website at http://www.biocompresearch.org.

255 West 98th Street, 3D
New York, New York 10028


Biofeedback Training Associates and Biofeedback Instrument Corp. of New York offer a variety of courses including 5-day BCIA Biofeedback and Neurofeedback certification courses, EEG and HRV courses, alpha theta training, and workshops on BioGraph Infiniti software and hardware. Also available are the Play Attention Biofeedback system (to improve attention, focus, concentration, memory, reduction of hyperactivity, and improved reading comprehension) and the Mental Power Gym system for home use.

Comox Valley Center
Comox Avenue
Comox V9M 3N2
Vancouver Island
British Columbia, Canada


Offers a variety of educational programs and workshops that focus upon the Masterson approach to psychoanalytic psychotherapy developed by James F. Masterson, an internationally renowned psychiatrist and psychoanalyst. Many of these programs focus upon and discuss in detail borderline, narcissistic and schizoid disorders of the self. The programs provide a critical look at the developmental self and an object-relations approach to character/personality disorders. A schedule of upcoming programs is available upon request. These programs can sometimes also be offered on-site and can be customized to best fulfill the needs of specific audiences. They can also be co-sponsored by local organizations/associations. Please click here for additional information. (click On-Site Training Programs)

22504 E. 98th St. S
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma 74014


Offers a number of exciting cruises that allow mental health professionals to combine valuable educational experiences with fabulous relaxing vacations. Cruises are approximately 8 days in length and frequently include Caribbean cruises (usually leaving from Galveston, Texas), Alaskan cruises (usually leaving from Seattle, Washington), and New England/Canadian cruises (usually leaving from Boston, Massachusetts).

Frequent topics deal with becoming a Certified Military Lifestyle Counselor, Mindfulness, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Relapse Prevention, Ethics, Hypnotherapy Certification for Therapists and Stress Reduction. In addition to cruise settings many of these programs are also offered as intensive two-day seminars in cities throughout the United States. For additional information please visit http://www.cruisingforcredits.com.

926 Cambridge Dr. SE
Grand Rapids, Michigan 49506


Offers the yearly Cape Cod Symposium on Addictive Disorders and the West Coast Symposium on Addictive Disorders. These yearly symposia are dedicated to continuing education and networking in the field of addictions. They combine a wide selection of workshops and seminars on many relevant industry topics with an unmatched showcase of the industry’s products and services. Additional information regarding these outstanding programs may be found on C4 Recovery Solutions website at http://www.c4recoverysolutions.org.



Affiliated with the Institute for Business Growth (brief description above), the Center for Executive Coaching provides a comprehensive training program leading to the designation of “Certified Executive Coach”, which the Center for Career Counseling provides a comprehensive training program leading to the designation of “Certified Career Coach”. These programs consist of many components and may be completed on-line and via telephone consultations so that on-site attendance is not required. For complete descriptions of these programs, as well as the program offered by the Institute for Business Growth, please visit their websites.

908 Audelia Road
Suite 200-263
Richardson, Texas


Offers a wide variety of on-line courses to assist mental health practitioners from many different professions fulfill their CE requirements in most states. No books to buy or read. Never boring, unique, continuing education for mental health, substance abuse and chemical dependency. Take always available online continuing education courses and quizzes and get instant AOD and Mental Health CEU certificates. One yearly subscription allows you to take as many courses as you want for a full year. Visit http://www.ceubynet.com for a description of the many courses available, as well as the continuing education credits that are available.

P.O. Box 210176
Bedford, Texas 76095


CEU-Hours, LLC provides a variety of quality continuing education programs for mental health professionals, addiction professionals and nurses. These on-line programs are designed to provide healthcare professionals with the opportunity for professional growth and refinement while learning at his/her own pace. Courses deal with a variety of topic areas including ethics, mood disorders, drug and alcohol topics, borderline personality disorders, brief psychotherapy, treatment of anxiety disorders, bipolar disorders and suicide prevention. For additional information including course descriptions please visit http://www.ceu-hours.com.


The Harborside Financial Center
Plaza 3, Suite 602
Jersey City, New Jersey 07311


CME LLC endeavors to narrow the competency and performance gaps that exist within health care professionals through convenient, high-quality lifelong learning opportunities. Individual activities focus on maintaining, developing, or increasing the knowledge, skills, and professional performance of clinicians to provide effective diagnostic, treatment, and long-term care of patients with the goal of maximizing outcomes and quality of life.

Founded in 1978, CME LLC’s vision is to provide high-quality, practical medical education and information for mental health clinicians. Among CME LLC’s educational offerings is the annual U.S. Psychiatric & Mental Health Congress, the second largest annual meeting in psychiatry and the largest independent meeting in the United States. In addition, the organization continues to increase its educational offerings - from live events and print formats to interactive online activities, web sites, electronic formats, and more.

Since 1983, CME LLC has been accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) to provide continuing medical education for physicians. CME LLC is also approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. In addition, CME LLC is approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing to provide continuing education contact hours to registered nurses; and approved by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences as a provider of continuing education credits for marriage and family therapists, and licensed certified social workers. CME LLC also receives approval from specialty organizations to provide CE credits for individual activities.

In addition to the annual U.S. Psychiatric & Mental Health Congress, CME LLC offers a number of other educational programs of interest to mental health professionals. One such program, Treating the Whole Patient, is offered every year in select cities and focuses upon neurological issues relating to the mind-body connection in mental health. For additional information regarding CME LLC programs please visit their website at http://www.cmellc.com.


Second Floor
2 Walsworth Rd
Hitchin, SG4 9SP
United Kingdom


Published six times a year on-line, every issue of this extremely informative publication is packed with coaching and mentoring news and features, case studies, opinions from leaders in the coaching and mentoring professions, and research. Coaching at Work carries out its own research, sometimes joining forces with some of the main professional bodies including the Association for Coaching, the European Mentoring and Coaching Council and the International Coach Federation. Coaching at Work views itself as a bridge between the many areas of the coaching and mentoring community, offering a one-stop shop for key information and acting as a gateway for further information.


P.O. Box 230637
Encinitas, California 92023


Offers a 5-day 40-hour workshop dealing with all aspects of divorce mediation including how to establish and market a successful mediation practice. Approved for continuing education credit by The Academy of Family Mediators and The American Psychological Association.


27 Old Gloucester Street
London, United Kingdom


Offers a variety of workshops and training programs that deal with cognitive behavioural coaching, its history, philosophy and supporting research. A wide variety of cognitive behavioural coaching techniques are discussed, demonstrated and practiced. These programs are very helpful to: professional coaches interested in incorporating a cognitive-behavioural coaching approach to their existing coaching toolkit; managers, HR professionals, CEO’s and learning/development professionals who are interested in minimizing stress and maximizing productivity in the workplace; and to individuals who are considering a possible career in professional coaching. Many of the programs are conducted by Dorothy Spry, an IABMCP Diplomate in Professional Coaching who is an award winning United Kingdom-based business psychologist coach who works worldwide with a wide variety of clients in both the public and private sectors. For additional information regarding these programs please visit their website at www.cognitive-behavioural-coaching.com.


1020 West Barnstble Road
Marstons Mills, Massachusettes 02648


Providing high-quality continuing education programs at affordable prices. Choose your favorite topics and earn continuing education credit when you want, where you want. Choose from published books and free on-line articles. Receive your credit immediately upon completion. A few of the many prominent authors of home study courses are William Glasser, David Burns, Patricia Evans, Wayne Dyer, Harville Hendrix, Daniel Gilbert and Herbert Benson. For additional information and to take a free sample home study course please visit http://www.commonwealthseminars.com.


72 68th Street
Brooklyn, New York 11220


Conscious Coaching Institute’s mission is to provide coaches with structure, accountability and support. Courses are offered via convenient teleclasses. The Institute offers a course entitled “Foundations of Coaching I” which assists the student in acquiring a thorough understanding of the philosophical, historical and ethical foundations of coaching. There is an opportunity to learn and practice basic coaching skills in real-time conversations, and to experience the effects of these skills as a coachee. A Coaching Practicum is also offered in which all participants are expected to coach clients under the guidance of a faculty member. Through its “One Source” Program, The Institute also assists students who wish to become credentialed by the International Coach Federation. Additional information may be obtained by visiting The Institute’s website at http://www.ConsciousCoachingInstitute.com.


5700 4th St. N
St. Petersburg, Florida 33703


Offers Hawaiian, Caribbean, Mediterranean and Mexican Riviera Cruises which combine high quality, live lecture, continuing education programs with fabulous vacation experiences. While most of the programs tend to be oriented towards the medical community, some of the courses deal with topics of interest to mental health professionals. Category I CME credit is available for most of the programs. For additional information and a schedule of upcoming programs, please visit their website at http://www.continuingeducation.net.


4256 Central Ave. NE
Minneapolis, MN 55421


Educational Media Corp. is offering Academy Members a discount on their vast array of educational books, games, films, video tapes and computer software. They offer a variety of practical materials, workbooks and publications to professionals who deal with the diverse needs of children and teenagers. Catalogs of their publications can be requested.


15400 SE 30th Place, Suite 205
Bellevue, Washington 98007


EEG Spectrum International, Inc. is one of the largest and most experienced EEG biofeedback clinical delivery organizations in the world. Since 1990, EEG Spectrum International has trained more than 1,800 mental health professionals. They offer online courses in neurofeedback and a number of intensive on-site programs entitled Neurofeedback in a Clinical Practice in various locations throughout the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia. Significant discounts are available to Academy members who are interested in attending any of these programs. More detailed current information is available on their website at http://www.eegspectrum.com.


P.O. Box 27946
Scottsdale, Arizona 85255


On-line continuing education credits for psychologists, addiction counselors, marriage and family therapists, educators, interventionists, social workers, nurses and other mental health professionals. Courses are generally available in both video and audio formats. Several topics include addiction, aging, anger, anxiety, eating disorders, emotional health, ethics, learning and memory, marriage and divorce, sexuality, psychotherapy and training. Specific courses include From Positive Psychology to Effective Psychotherapy by Bill O’Hanlon; Effective Therapy: A Major Force in Enhancing Moral Development by John Brandshaw; Internet Gaming and Addiction by Jack Kuo; Treating the Dually Diagnosed in the Outpatient Setting by Dennis Ortman; Sorting Through the Toughest Legal and Ethical Issues by Clifton Mitchell; 10 Steps to Remarkable Relationships: Improving Communication and Understanding in Anxious Times by Harriet Lerner and Pharmacological Treatment of Addiction Disorders by David Sack. Approved for continuing education credit by many boards/associations including The American Psychological Association, The Association of Social Workers Boards, The Association for Addiction Professionals and the National Board of Certified Counselors. For additional information please visit their website at


32 Court Street
Brooklyn, New York 11201


Fanlight Productions is a leading distributor of innovative film and video works on many important social issues of our time, with a special focus on topics such as healthcare, mental health, professional ethics, aging and gerontology, disabilities, the workplace, and gender and family issues.

Founded by independent filmmakers nearly thirty years ago, Fanlight’s goal has been to create a select collection of educational programs which are independent in their vision, emotionally and intellectually engaging in their approach, and accurate and up-to-date in their content. Fanlight’s catalog strives to present contemporary cross-cultural perspectives on the issues of concern to their many audiences. Their collection includes Academy Award winners and nominees, as well as films that have been honored by the Sundance Film Festival, the DuPont-Columbia Journalism Awards, and major media festivals throughout the United States.


721 West Abram Street
Arlington, Texas 76013


Publishes an outstanding selection of Books, DVDs and Videos relating to understanding and treating Autism and Asperger's Syndrome. Also sponsors over 30 conferences throughout the United States that feature many world-renown experts in this area. A complete schedule is available upon request.


4919 Route 22
P.O. Box 56
Amenia, NY 12501


Publishes a wide variety of extremely comprehensive reference works dealing with a wide variety of topics. One of these reference works, The Complete Mental Health Directory, is a great resource for mental health professionals seeking all kinds of information on specific topics and assistance in dealing with many important problems that they and/or their clients may be experiencing. In addition to The Complete Mental Health Directory, other major reference works deal with many topics relating to health and education. Please visit http://www.greyhouse.com for additional information.


10 Alice Street
Binghamton, New York 13904


Publishes a large number of books and journals dealing with a wide variety of topics relating to both mental and physical health. Journal subscriptions include both print and electronic versions. Interested individuals are referred to their website. One recently published book of interest to counselors and psychotherapists is entitled: "The Group Therapist's Notebook: Homework Handouts, and Activities for use in Psychotherapy".


505 Old York Road, Suite #100
Jenkintown, PA 19046


Health Forum On-Line courses deal with a wide variety of topics of interest to mental health professionals. Moreover, they are approved for continuing education credit by numerous professional organizations including the American Psychological Association, the Association of Social Work Boards, and the National Board of Certified Counselors. In addition to high quality, these courses offer a great degree of convenience. You can register on-line by completing the quick and easy sign-up information. You can then decide to print the PDF of the course material or to review it on-line. Once you have passed the test and completed the course evaluation, you print your own CE certificate.

For additional information, please visit Health Forum On-Line’s website at http://www.healthforumonline.com.


875 Massachusetts Avenue
7th Floor
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139


Major publisher of books and journals of interest to health care professionals. Books deal with a wide variety of topics including alcohol use disorders, emotion and aggressive behavior, chronic illness in children and adolescents, borderline disorders, practical child and adolescent psychiatry, post-traumatic stress disorders, cognitive therapy with schizophrenic patients, suicidal behavior and self-injury, understanding obsessive-compulsive behavior, psychotropic drugs, as well as many others. Hogrefe and Huber also publish the well-known series entitled "Advances in Psychotherapy- Evidence-Based Practice".


128 Newberry Ave.
Libertyville, Illinois 60048


Offers a six-week teleseminar program entitled “Breakthrough Coaching: Taking The Core Competencies To The Next Level”. This program is designed to take the new and experienced coach to the next skill level in the areas of Intuition, Powerful Questions and Planning, Goal Setting and Accountability. Participants will receive instruction on these core competencies that will include didactic teaching, experiential learning and coaching demos from experienced, credentialed and successful coaches. Continuing education credit is available. The program is offered once or twice a year with several months advanced notice. A detailed syllabus may be found on I Coach Pro’s website at http://www.icoachpro.com.


P.O. Box 6016
Atascadero, CA 93423


Impact Publishers publishes a wide variety of highly informative books and tapes dealing with counseling, psychotherapy and mental health. Topics include anger management; dealing with panic, anxiety; agoraphobia; assertiveness training; rational emotive behavior therapy; creative therapy with children and adolescents; parenting skills; family therapy; coping with depression, as well as many other topics. They also publish a variety of helpful workbooks and manuals.


1088 Mallard Marsh Drive
Osprey, FL 34229


Offers a Complete Certified Business Coach Program that offers a consistent and methodical approach to effective business coaching. The program leads to the designation of IBG “Certified Business Coach” and also includes the International Coach Federation (ICF) approved Certified Executive Coach credential. IBG has developed a proprietary business growth methodology with the acronym “C.A.S.T.L.E.” IBG certified coaches use this methodology to immediately assess a business to know where to focus attention for rapid improvements, to identify 228 ways for businesses to significantly increase their revenues and profits, to empower clients to achieve their most ambitious aspirations for their businesses, and to teach employees to work together as a team to increase revenue and to reach profit goals. As long as an IBG certified coach remains a member in good standing he/she has a perpetual license to use and re-brand IBG tools and the CASTLE framework. For additional information regarding the IBG Certified Business Coach Program and detailed description of its multiple components please visit their website at http://www.instituteforbusinessgrowth.com.

156 Westcombe Hill
London SE3 7DH
United Kingdom


The International Academy for Professional Development provides a range of different blended and distance learning professional development programs using the expertise available through its group of Centers including The Centre for Stress Management. Courses offered include stress management, cognitive/behavior therapy, hypnosis, professional coaching and management and leadership. While the largest number of courses is conducted in centers throughout the United Kingdom, a number of courses are offered at affiliated centers in Sweden and New Zealand.

150 E 94th St.
New York, New York 11218

The International Masterson Institute (originally the Masterson Institute for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy) was established by Dr. James F. Masterson, an internationally prominent psychiatrist/psychoanalyst and the originator of the Masterson approach to Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy. The Institute offers a three year postgraduate certificate program that focuses upon the developmental self and object relations approach to the psychotherapy of the Personality Disorders. In addition, continuous case study seminars on psychoanalytic psychotherapy of the personality disorders, as well as other educational programs such as an Annual Conference for practicing psychotherapists, are also often available.

International Masterson Institute Chapters throughout the world offer Academy members tuition discounts on a variety of educational programs. At the present time, in addition to New York City and San Francisco, active IMI Chapters are located in Australia, South Africa and the United Kingdom. Please e-mail The Academy at info@IABMCP.org for additional information and a schedule of upcoming programs.

989 Market Street
San Francisco, CA


A leading global publisher of countless books and journals in the areas of applied psychology, clinical psychology, educational and school psychology, family therapy, psychotherapy and counseling, drug therapy, psychoanalysis, psychological testing, personality and psychopathology, as well as many other relevant areas too numerous to list. A few of their most popular publications include many textbooks, professional journals, books of interest to practicing therapists, and self-help books. For a complete catalog of their publications, please visit their website at http://www.wiley.com.

89 Upper Georges Street
Dún Laoghaire
Dublin, Ireland


Offers a wide variety of educational programs dealing with professional coaching, including The Advanced Diploma in Personal & Executive Coaching. This is a exceptional program that has been recognized for its breadth and depth of content and quality by many accrediting bodies including The European Mentoring and Coaching Council and the International Institute of Leadership and Management. In addition to being available on-site in Dublin, Ireland (and occasionally at other locations throughout the world), The Advanced Diploma in Personal and Executive Coaching can be taken online anywhere in the world as long as there is access to the internet.

Kingstown College offers many other high quality coaching courses that deal with a wide variety of important topics such as coaching supervision, the practice of NLP, positive psychology, internal coaching, inspirational leadership and team coaching and development.

Significant tuition discounts are available to Academy Diplomates and Members. For additional information please visit Kingston College’s website at http://www.kingstowncollege.ie.

KSI House
10 Whitefriars
Aungier St
Dublin 2, Ireland


The Life & Executive Coaching Institute offers a number of programs/courses dealing with various topics relating to professional coaching. Included among these programs is the intensive Diploma in Life and Business Coaching Program. Most of the programs are offered in Dublin, Ireland but are sometimes offered at other localities such as Barcelona, Spain. Additional information may be found on The Institute’s website at http://www.leci.ie.

1023 Westholme Avenue
Los Angeles, California 90024


Specializes in providing continuing education to professionals in the mental health profession. Many programs deal with psychotherapy and such topics as "Mindfulness and Psychotherapy: Cultivating Well Being in the Present Moment", "The Healing Power of Emotion: Integrating Relationship, Body and Mind" and "The Embodied Mind: Integration of the Body, Brain, and Mind in Clinical Practice".

216 Golf
Willmette, Illinois 60091


A flexible coaching program that focuses on mother-daughter relationships and how they can be more satisfying and fulfilling. Different personality styles are explored with regard to how they impact mother/daughter relationships. The program can be delivered in both face to face settings as well as via telephone sessions.

92 Elm Street
Pittsfield, Massachusetts 01201


Offers the renowned Annual Cape Cod Summer Symposium in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Generally there are about thirty different week-long symposiums presented during June, July and August featuring many internationally prominent authorities and dealing with a wide variety of topics relating to the diagnosis and treatment of emotional and behavioral problems. Recent popular programs offered include: “Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy: A life–Span Treatment Approach”, “Dealing With Your Most Difficult Clients – Effective Strategies for Dissolving Resistance and Creating Therapeutic Change”, “Clinical Psychopharmacology: Overview and Recent Advances”, “Psychological Treatment of Anxiety Disorders”, “Mindfulness and Psychotherapy: Practical Applications”, “Substance Abuse and Dual Diagnosis: New Treatment Approaches”, “Cognitive Behavior Therapy: An Advanced Training Experience”, “Dialectical Behavior Therapy: Treating the Multi-Problem Adolescent”, “New Developments in the Treatment of Victimized Individuals: Treating PTSD and Couples PTSD”, “Psychotherapy As Care of the Soul”, “Using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) with Difficult Clients”, “On-Line Therapy: The Marriage of Technology and a Healing Art” and, “Dealing With Your Most Difficult Clients: Effective Strategies for Creating Therapeutic Change”. Many of these programs, or similar programs, are offered on a regular basis. The New England Educational Institute also offers the annual Santa Fe (New Mexico) and Marco Island (Florida) symposia for mental health professionals, as well as select programs in many different cities throughout the year.

5674 Shattuck Ave.
Oakland, California 94609


A major publisher of a wide variety of important publications of interest to mental health professionals. Many of these publications deal with such topics as anxiety, anger, depression and mood disorders, self-esteem, personal growth and relationships. Therapies advanced and discussed by New Harbinger authors include cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), mindfulness – based stress reduction (MBSR), mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT) and compassion-focused therapy (CFT). New Harbinger Publications also offers a catalogue of very helpful workbooks including The Insomnia Workbook, The Anger Control Workbook, The Anxiety and Phobia Workbook, The OCD Workbook and The PTSD Workbook. Visit their website at http://www.newharbinger.com for a complete list and description of all their publications.

1901 South Bell Street
Suite 300
Arlington, Virginia 22202


NTL Institute delivers powerful learning solutions for organizations, leaders and practitioners who have a clear stake in accelerating institutional, team and organizational effectiveness. For over 60 years NTL has been instrumental in transforming the field of Applied Behavioral Science and has contributed to the professional advancement of tens of thousands of individuals and organizations. NTL’s programs are quite probably among the most popular, most replicated and most effective programs for changing human attitudes and behaviors. NTL offers a variety of educational programs, often ranging from 1 to 6 days in length, dealing with many different areas relating to facilitating personal growth and fulfillment. Titles of frequently offered programs include “Art of Coaching”, “Coaching for Social and Emotional Intelligence”, “Team Coaching”, “Coaching for Action”, “Foundations for Action Learning Coaching”, “Coaching Across Differences - Models, Skills and Practice“, “Group Process Counseling in Organizations“, “Global Team Dynamics”, “Interpersonal Skills for Leadership Success”, Creating and Sustaining High Performing Teams”, “Self Awareness and Being”, “Leadership Skillshop”, “Working with Resistance“, and “Managing Conflict in the Workplace”. For information regarding program details, as well as specific dates and locations, please visit The Institute’s website at http://www.ntl.org.

2708 Crawfis Blvd.
Akron, Ohio 44333


Offers an intensive two-day Post Graduate course in Practical Hypnosis designed to meet the needs and interests of 1) professionals engaged in helping and healing roles (physicians, psychologists, nurses, educators, social workers, marriage and family counselors, dentists, etc.) who want to explore and expand their ability to use suggestive therapy and hypnosis techniques in their practices and, 2) individuals who would like to use these skills and ideas in their own lives whether for personal or professional reasons.

1016 Leavenworth Street
Omaha, Nebraska 68102


Orion Healthcare Technology is one of the leading providers of Windows-based clinical technology tools, offering the most sophisticated computerized programs on the market. Their AccuCare System features the Behavioral Health, Adult ASI, Adolescent ASI and Criminal Justice assessments. Orion Healthcare Technology offers a complete system of software – from treatment plans to billing – that is easily integrated into any organization! For detailed information and an on-line demonstration, please visit their website at http://www.myaccucare.com

162-04 North Florida Avenue
Lutz, Florida 33549


Publishes superior quality psychological assessment instruments, software, books and other related materials in the following areas: intellectual/ability/cognitive, behavioral/health and career development/business. PAR also conducts workshops that focus upon the use of many of their products.

85 Monash Avenue, Suite 9
Nedlands, Perth, WA 6009


One of the leading training institutions in Australia that focuses upon professional coaching. Offers a number of intensive workshops dealing with a wide variety of coaching topics and themes. Titles of some specific workshops that are offered include “Advanced Languaging and Questioning Skills,” “Group Work Skills in Conducting Group Coaching,” “Initial Training Program for Coach Supervisors,” “Coaching Training Program for Coach Supervisees,” and “Foundation Coaching Skills Training Program”. Additional information regarding programs offered by Peggy Chiu Coaching may be found by visiting their website at http://www.peggychiucoaching.com.

9451 Corbin Avenue
Suite 100
Northridge, California 91324-2400


Practical CE Seminars is part of the Holman Group of Companies. It was founded in 2008 to address the clinical needs of therapists working with individuals in unique work environments. Distance learning courses are currently offered through written course materials, on-line viewing of DVD clips and on-line video training courses. Specific topics addressed by courses include, but are not limited to, Bowenian Family Therapy, Structural Family Therapy, Psychodynamic Therapy and Couples Therapy. Some live courses are also offered including NLP Practitioner Coach Certification (Level I). Additional information regarding available courses, schedules for live courses and continuing education credit may be obtained by visiting http://www.practicalceseminars.com.

3717 Bend of Ivy Road
Marshall, North Carolina 28753


Presence-Based Leadership Development offers training for experienced and new coaches as well as leaders committed to purposeful and meaningful action. The coach training curriculum is designed to offer robust presence-based coach training, grounded in an inclusive model of human development. The program develops coaches who are deeply committed to their own learning and development, to an inquiry-centered approach to coaching, to cultivating mindfulness and awareness in themselves and their clients, and to placing themselves in service to the growth and development of effective and compassionate leaders. The core of the training is delivered in three-day residential retreats at a beautiful retreat center in Asheville, North Carolina. Additional reading, self-observations, telephone conferences, and observed audio reviews complete the coursework. Designed for committed leaders at any level of coaching experience, the curriculum is approved by The International Coach Federation for initial certification or renewal at ACC, PCC or MCC levels.

8700 Shoal Creek Boulevard
Austin, Texas 78757


Pro-Ed is an international publisher whose products/publications deal with a wide variety of early childhood topics/issues such as: Cognitive Development; School Readiness; Speech and Language Development; Social and Emotional Behavior; Perceptual/Motor Development; Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder; Behavior Modification; Autism; Traumatic Brain Injury; Memory and Intelligence; Developmental Disabilities; and Dyslexia/Reading Disorders.
In addition to a wide variety of books, tests and curricular materials dealing with children's issues (over 700 titles) PRO-ED also publishes a number of high quality journals that may be of interest to Academy members.

PO Box 550659
Jacksonville, Florida 32255


Professional Development Resources (PDR) offers a wide variety of online courses of interest to mental health professionals. Courses deal with such topics as record keeping guidelines, mindfulness-based stress reduction, managing emotional overeating, autism spectrum disorders, cognitive-behavioral therapy, PTSD, treatment of borderline personality disorders, ethics in psychotherapy, understanding the biology of mental disorders, contemporary play therapy, anxiety management techniques, diagnosing and treating depression, disability and substance abuse, clinical supervision, as well as many others. PDR is recognized as a provider of continuing education by a large number of state and national accrediting bodies including the American Psychological Association, the Association of Social Work Boards, the National Board of Certified Counselors and the National Association of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselors. For a complete list of available educational programs and accrediting entities please visit the PDR’s website at http://www.pdresources.org.

P.O. Box 3197
Sarasota, Florida 34230


Publishes a wide variety of books and tapes of interest to mental health professionals. A few of the many topics that are covered include cognitive behavior therapy, dealing with anger, humor and psychotherapy, stress management training, post traumatic stress disorders, group therapy, enhancing self esteem, family therapy, maximizing psychotherapeutic gains and preventing relapse, as well as many others. Professional Resource Press also offers a variety of continuing education home study courses to meet the needs of mental health professionals. For detailed information regarding the specific books and home study courses that are available, please visit their website at http://www.prpress.com.

P.O. Box 99016 Duke Station
Durham, North Carolina 27708-9016


Offers a one and one half day Leader Certification Seminar for the Quit Smart Program - a program designed to help smokers quit. Quit Smart combines cognitive - behavioral coping skills training with popular treatments, including hypnosis and a realistic cigarette substitute. The Quit Smart stop smoking program is used by hundreds of private practitioners, corporations, hospitals and government agencies including Apple Computer, Blue Cross, Dupont, Kaiser Permanente, Lockheed Martin, Owens-Corning and many Veterans' Hospitals. The Quit Smart Program is offered in select cities throughout the country.

203 Three Springs Drive
Suite 4
Weirton, West Virginia 26062


Offers intensive home study programs dealing with Rational Living Therapy. Completion of level one leads to certification as a Cognitive-Behavior Therapist by the National Association of Cognitive-Behavior Therapists (NACB). Three additional levels of certification in Rational Living Therapy are also available in home study programs.

The Rational Living Therapy Institute also offers a wide variety of self-help audio programs including conquer depression, coping with chronic physical pain, coping with the loss of a loved-one, how to accept what you cannot change, how to change your child’s behavior, how to end your addiction, overcoming fear and anxiety, how to stop worrying and start living, how to rid yourself of anger, and rational progressive relaxation. Rational Living Therapy programs can sometimes be offered on-site and can be customized to best fulfill the needs of specific audiences. They can also be co-sponsored by local organizations/associations. Please click here for additional information. (click On-Site Training Programs)

PO Box 111783
Campbell, California 95011


Founded in 1997, the Relationship Coaching Institute provides relationship coach training and practice building development for helping professionals (coaches, therapists, ministers, counselors, etc.) and aspiring coaches who are new to the helping profession. RCI offers a comprehensive product development program and marketing support to assist interested individuals in creating successful relationship coaching practices. RCI is a distance learning organization so that interested individuals may take their programs at home, at the office or anywhere else in the world. A number of publications relating to relationship coaching, including the Relationship Coaching Home Study Program, are also available. Additional information regarding the educational programs and publications offered by the Relationship Coaching Institute is available by visiting their website at http://www.relationshipcoachinginstitute.com.


Avenue Bon Air 7
B-1640 Rhode St. Genese
Brussels, Belgium


Philippe Rosinski has pioneered a global approach to coaching that leverages multiple perspectives for greater creativity, impact and meaning. The Harvard Business School chose his groundbreaking book “Coaching Across Cultures” as its featured book recommendation in the category of business leadership. His new book “Global Coaching” has been described as “having moved the art and science of coaching to a new level.”

Rosinski and Company offers a 3-day seminar entitled “Coaching Across Cultures”. This is an intensive, interactive and experiential seminar that gives participants a unique opportunity to learn in-depth about Coaching Across Cultures methodologies and application of new tools, including the online Cultural Orientations Framework assessment, Global Coaching Process and Global Scorecard. The seminar combines theory with practice including assessments, role-plays, and case studies, together with self and peer coaching.
The objective of the seminar is to help professional coaches, executives and managers, from all kinds of organizations, to systematically integrate the cultural dimension into coaching, and coaching into intercultural work.

Insights will be gained on various levels: individual, team, organizational and societal development. The seminar will equip the attendee to facilitate high performance, human fulfillment, meaningful and sustainable success. It is aimed at professionals and executives already familiar with coaching fundamentals.

10822 NW 199th Avenue
Alachua, Florida 32615


Satvatove Institute provides spiritually-oriented, communication-based coach training for persons determined to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others through professional coaching. The basic course taught at the Institute, entitled “Principles and Practices of Transformative Coaching”, is described as offering a unique blend of communication skills and powerful transformational methodologies founded on grounded, enlightening spiritual principles. Beyond coaching, the Satvatove Institute offers a variety of courses and workshops designed to enhance relationships, facilitate personal growth and produce more rewarding results in dealing with life situations. For additional information regarding the Satvatove Institute, as well as a schedule of upcoming programs, please visit their website at www.satvatove.com.



1 Riverbrook Rd
Ottawa, Ontario K2H 7W7


Shadow coaching is a particular advanced application of reflective and observational coaching that provides one way for clients to go below the surface into the core dynamics of a situation, illuminating the truth of the moment and making decisions that move people forward. Shadow coaching is a real time learning approach in developing a refined self-awareness and capabilities in the workplace as a result of reflection on practice. It enables people, not only to benefit from the continuous presence of an observing coach over an extended period of time in a typical set of workdays, but also develops their own role as self-observer for the long term. It teaches clients to become reflective practitioners. The School of Shadow Coaching offers a 2-day interactive, experiential program whose target audience is seasoned, experienced professional coaches. For additional information regarding the training that is available, as well as a schedule of upcoming programs, please visit their website at http://www.schoolofshadowcoaching.com.



P.O. Box 28181
San Diego, California 92198


Specialized Training Services (STS) is a premier provider of exceptional training seminars, conferences and home study programs, in addition to publishing excellent books on contemporary topics. Their target audience for training is professionals from mental health, criminal justice, law enforcement, legal, nursing, drug/alcohol and education backgrounds. Live seminars and conferences, as well as home study and on-demand videos, are available. Programs deal with a wide range of topics including assessing violence risk, school violence threat management, preventing violence in the work place, suicide risk assessment in youth and young adults, borderline personality disorders, legal and ethical issues in mental health, conducting child custody evaluations and testifying in court. For a full list of the programs that STS offers, please visit their website http://www.SpecializedTraining.com.



11 West 42nd Street
15th Floor
New York NY 10036


A major publisher of a wide variety of books in clinical and counseling psychology, child and adolescent psychology, cognitive-behavior therapy, personality psychology, trauma psychology, forensic psychology, clinical social work, social work practice, mental health and substance abuse, marriage and family counseling, grief counseling and public health. Many of these publications are authored by some of the leading authorities in their respective fields and the Springer Publishing Company’s catalog is constantly being updated.



3020 Kerner Boulevard, Suite D
San Rafael, California 94901


Offers the Professional Biofeedback Certificate Program, which is an intensive, nine-day training program that combines a relaxed seminar learning process with hands-on instruction and clinical practice. Individuals attending this program will learn how to conduct clinical biofeedback sessions, as well as the basics of clinical hypnosis, autogenic training, guided imagery and other helpful techniques. This program is offered in select major cities throughout the country.



Segreteria BSST
Piazza S. Agostino 11


Offers conferences dealing with Brief Strategic and Systematic Therapy (BSST). Information regarding this therapeutic approach may be found in a number of sources including the journal entitled Brief Strategic and Systematic Therapy European Review at http://www.bssteuropeanreview.org.



4101 Middle Two Rock Rd.
Petaluma, California 94952


The Strozzi Institute offers a number of programs that deal with leadership and such topics as how to remain resilient and centered in high-pressure, high-stress situations. The programs are largely based upon the work of Dr. Richard Strozzi-Heckler, a nationally known speaker, coach and consultant on leadership and mastery. Dr. Strozzi-Heckler has spent four decades researching, developing and teaching the practical application of Somatics (the unity of languages, action, emotions and meaning) to business leaders, executive managers and teams from Fortune 500 companies, NGOs, technology start-ups, non-profits, and the US government and military. For additional information regarding the different programs offered by the Strozzi Institute please visit their website at http://www.strozziinstitute.com.



P.O. Box 27946
Scottsdale, Arizona 85255


Publishes well over 100 books dealing with various topics of interest to mental health professionals. Authors include William Glasser, Laurel Parnell, Dennis Ortman, Colin Ross, Leo Booth, Nathaniel Branden, Reid Wilson, Bill O’Hanlon, Cardwell Nockols, John Bradshaw, Margo Maine and Harriet Lerner. A wide selection of DVD’s and audio books is also available. For additional information please visit their website at http://www.summitbookstore.com.



325 Chestnut Street
Suite 800
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19106


A major international publisher of hundreds of quality publications in such areas as addiction, counseling, cognitive behavior therapy, eating disorders, family therapy, health psychology, forensic psychology and psychiatry, clinical psychology, psychiatry, psychoanalysis, school psychology, sexuality, gerontology and trauma and stress. Also publishes more than 1,500 journals including Counseling and Psychotherapy, Research, Coaching, Child and Family Behavior Therapy, Journal of Addictive Diseases, Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy, Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, Eating Disorders, Journal of Child Psychotherapy, Journal of Applied Sport Psychology, as well as around 1,800 new books each year. For a complete catalog of their publications please visit their website at http://www.tandf.co.uk.



2180 Belgrave Avenue
Montreal PQ H4A-2L8


Provides individualized on-line courses for clinicians, researchers and other health professionals who want to learn the latest biofeedback technology. The courses are "hands on learning", where you use your equipment on-line, including computer with software, encoder and sensors. Topics covered include general biofeedback, neurofeedback and muscle rehabilitation.



3716 274th Avenue SE
Issaquah, Washington 98029


The Wellness Institute is dedicated to providing the highest quality Hypnotherapy Training available, focusing on clinical skills that are practical and ready-to-use.

The Institute offers a unique training opportunity for practitioners who want to incorporate hypnosis into their practice. Certification is achieved with six days of classroom work and additional practice. Training is provided worldwide. The training follows a holistic approach, encompassing the body, mind, emotions, and spirit of each person involved. Advanced clinical training is available, including a two-year Apprenticeship.



PO Box 464
Baldwin, New York 11510


Publishes the classic video of the debate between Albert Ellis and Thomas Szasz entitled “Mental Illness: Fact or Myth?”. It is a valuable resource for colleges, universities, hospitals, mental health centers, counseling and psychotherapy training programs, and others. Approximately 85 minutes in length, this entertaining and informative video is a great way to stimulate discussion in a mental health forum, or in psychology, sociology and social work courses at all levels. Information and excerpts, as well as reviewer comments and ordering information, is available at http://www.WESAssoc.com.



3606 N. 24th St.
Phoenix, Arizona 85016


Zeig, Tucker & Theisen Inc., is an independent publisher in the behavioral sciences, offering books, audiotapes and videotapes by and for professionals in psychological theory and clinical practice. Prominent authors include, to name just a few, James Masterson, Bert Hellinger, Ernest Rossi, Nick Cummings, Michael Yapko, Victor Frankl and Milton Erickson. Zeig, Tucker & Theisen Inc. is constantly seeking new material in the behavioral sciences to publish and are not afraid of challenging or controversial topics. Visit their website at http://www.zeigtucker.com for a complete list of their publications.



181 Andrieux St.
Suite 212
Sonoma CA 95476


The Zur Institute makes available to psychotherapists and counselors cutting-edge resources on numerous aspects of mental health and psychotherapeutic interventions. One of the Institute’s goals is to encourage health care practitioners to focus on health and wellness, rather than on the DSM and pathology.

The Zur Institute offers over 100 on-line courses, several home study courses and live presentations/workshops for continuing education for mental health professionals. Many of these high quality educational programs are in the area of trauma and crisis, addiction, counseling and psychotherapy, domestic violence, professional ethics, anxiety and depression, PTSD, anger management and practice management.




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