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The Academy offers a number of services/products to its members and is constantly endeavoring to add to these services and products. This page contains brief descriptions of a few of these services/products. Additional information may be obtained by e-mailing The Academy at Info@IABMCP.org.

Academy Logo

Below please find The Academy logo. As an Academy Diplomate/Member you may want to use this logo on your stationery, informational literature, website and/or perhaps other locations. If you do wish to use the logo please feel free to vary its size as appropriate but do not make any alterations to its form or content.


Press Releases

IABMCP Diplomates may request that The Academy send announcements regarding their IABMCP Diplomate Status to community/professional publications (e.g., newspapers) of their choice. Typically such press releases include an announcement of the individual having been awarded IABMCP Diplomate Status, some information regarding the individual’s training and background, as well as a brief description regarding the individual’s current professional practice and area(s) of specialization. Interested IABMCP Diplomates should contact The Academy at Info@IABMCP.org and request a copy of the Press Release Request Form.

Laminated Plaques

In addition to the Certificates of IABMCP Diplomate Status that new Diplomates automatically receive upon having been awarded IABMCP Diplomate Status, beautiful laminated plaques are now available. These attractive plaques currently are available in a number of different finishes, including Maple, Mahogany, Walnut and Natural. Ordering information is available from our office.

For more information please click here

Practice Building

The Academy has developed a number of innovative approaches to assisting IABMCP Diplomates to expand their professional practices. Interested individuals are invited to contact The Academy at Info@IABMCP.org for additional information.

Speakers Bureau

The Academy frequently receives requests for speakers on a wide variety of topics. If you are available for public speaking and want to be added to The Academy’s Speakers Bureau, please send us the relevant information including contact information, possible topics, time formats, fee structures, and so forth. Please also specify whether your presentations are more appropriate for general audiences, professional audiences, or whether they are equally appropriate for both types of audiences.

Click here for more information.

Publications and Educational Programs

Academy Diplomates/Members enjoy savings on a wide variety of professional publications and educational programs. Click here for Member Savings.

Legal Advisory Services
An Academy Membership Benefit

The Academy is most pleased to announce that it has signed an agreement with Weiss & Weiss, PC, a major New York law firm, to provide Academy members with assistance in locating appropriate legal counsel anywhere in the world.

If you have any type of legal matter(s) anywhere in the world and need competent legal counsel to provide high quality representation, Weiss & Weiss will undertake the appropriate research and provide you with its recommendations as to the attorney(s) who might provide the best possible representation to handle your legal matter(s). Sometimes reduced legal fees may also be available to Academy members.

There is no fee for this research and advisory services to be provided by Weiss & Weiss to Academy members. Located just outside New York City, the Weiss & Weiss law firm handles almost all areas of the law.

One of the senior partners in the Weiss & Weiss law firm, Philip Weiss, specializes in intellectual property (copyrights, trademarks, registry marks, patents, etc.), and can generally handle such matters anywhere in the world. A free telephone consultation is available. Quite often reduced legal fees are also available to Academy members.

Academy members who are seeking legal representation to handle any type of legal matter(s) – anywhere in the world – are invited to e-mail Weiss & Weiss at Info@IABMCP.org. The type of legal matter(s) for which legal representation is being sought, as well as the specific location, should be clearly described along with your current contact information. Please allow three to four weeks for Weiss & Weiss to undertake the appropriate research and to provide you with their best possible recommendations.

Funding for Research

The Academy will sometimes consider providing research grants, or recommendations where funding can be found, to IABMCP Diplomates/Members who are interested in undertaking research projects/studies dealing with some aspects of behavioral medicine, counseling, psychotherapy, chemical dependency counseling and/or coaching. IABMCP Diplomates/Members who are interested in this possibility and/or who would like additional information are invited to submit to The Academy via e-mail a brief statement summarizing the nature or type of research/study that will be undertaken, the importance/significance of this research/study, the basic methodology that will be employed, anticipated costs and expenses, the estimated time to complete the study/research, and any other relevant information that is deemed to be of importance.

Other suggestions where funding for research might possibly be obtained can sometimes be found on some of the websites in the Links section. Click on Links



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