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The Academy has been offering IABMCP Diplomate Status to qualified practitioners for over 20 years. To the best of the Academy’s knowledge and belief, it is the first multi-disciplinary professional association seeking to establish international standards for professional excellence.

The Academy is most fortunate to have had many prominent practitioners providing a great deal of assistance in helping the Academy to develop and strive towards its goals and objectives. Many of these exceptional individuals who had served on the Academy’s Professional Advisory Council have, unfortunately, passed away through the years.

The Academy wishes to acknowledge the special debt of gratitude that it owes to the following individuals – all of whom were early IABMCP Diplomates and all of whom served on the Academy’s Professional Advisory Committee – who are no longer with us. This list of outstanding professionals also indicates the area of expertise for which they probably are best known.

Special Acknowledgments

Nathaniel Branden, Ph.D.
Self Esteem

Raymond Corsini, Ph.D.
Comparative Psychotherapies

Theresa Crenshaw, MD
Sex Therapy

Cesar DeSilvestri, MD
Cognitive/Behavior Therapy

Albert Ellis, Ph.D.
Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy

Hans J. Eysenck, Ph.D.
Psychotherapy Research

Erika Fromm, Ph.D.
Clinical Hypnosis

William Glasser, MD
Choice Theory/Reality Therapy

Thomas Gordon, Ph.D.
Parent Effectiveness Training

Harold Greenwald, Ph.D.
Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy

William Kroger, MD
Clinical Hypnosis

Arnold A. Lazarus, Ph.D.
Multi Modal Therapy

G. Alan Marlatt, Ph.D.
Chemical Dependency Counseling

William Masters, MD
Sex Therapy

James F. Masterson, MD
Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy

Miriam Polster, Ph.D.
Gestalt Therapy

Lynn Rehm, Ph.D.
Depression Research

Ralph Reitan, Ph.D
Neuro Psychologist

Will Schutz, Ph.D.
Group Therapy

David C. Segerstrom, MSW
Clinical Social Work

Hunter Shirley, Ph.D
Mapping the Human Mind

Charles Spielberger, Ph.D.
Behavioral Medicine, Psychological Assessment

Joseph Wolpe, MD
Behavior Therapy



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