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The Academy can often arrange for high-quality, on-site educational/training programs for mental health professionals. Some of these programs deal with specific topics/treatment approaches such as cognitive/behavioral therapy, biofeedback, psychoanalytic psychotherapy, rational emotive education, the treatment of eating disorders, rational living therapy, basic and advanced coaching approaches, as well as many others. These programs can generally be offered on-site anywhere in the world and can be individualized to best fulfill the needs of specific audiences.

Some of the more intensive programs can lead to basic certification in the topic under discussion. A variety of continuing education credits are also available for many of the programs. Various time formats are possible and programs can be individualized to best fulfill the needs of specific audiences. It might also be mentioned that a number of the programs are appropriate for public audiences, as well as for professional audiences.

These educational/training programs can be co-sponsored by local organizations, associations and other entities with guidance and support from The Academy. Additional information is available upon request by e-mailing The Academy at Info@IABMCP.org. A few samples of educational/training programs that are generally available are briefly described below. Although relatively short in duration, these educational/training programs can add valuable skills to the practitioner’s repertoire of treatment modalities and interventions.

Intensive 5-Day Biofeedback Training Program

This intensive program provides in-depth knowledge of the theory and applications of biofeedback. The use of biofeedback in treating a wide variety of clinical problems is described in detail. The program can be customized to focus more intensely on one or two specific clinical problems that might be of particular interest. This program is appropriate for individuals with no previous knowledge of biofeedback but who wish to acquire a basic understanding of the uses and benefits of this treatment approach.

Quit Smart Program

One of the most effective stop smoking programs available today. The Quit Smart Program was developed by Dr. Robert Shipley, Director of the Duke University Medical Center Stop Smoking Clinic. Dr. Shipley has trained over 2000 certified Quit Smart leaders. Many practitioners find the Quit Smart Program to be an extremely valuable addition to their professional practices. This program can be offered on-site and is also available via a home-study option. On-site programs can be oriented towards both professional and public audiences.

Rational Living Therapy

An intensive 18-hour educational program leading to certification as a Rational Living Therapist. This course can be offered on-site or through a home study version. Program presenters often include Maxie C. Maultsby, MD and Aldo R. Pucci, Psy. D. — both IABMCP Diplomates and internationally prominent authorities in the area of cognitive/behavior therapy. This program presents and discusses the basic concepts of Rational Living Therapy (RLT), shows how it can be used in clinical practice, and discusses and demonstrates the use of RLT in effectively dealing with a wide variety of emotional and behavioral problems. Successful completion of this course leads to certification as a Rational Living Therapist by the National Association of Cognitive-Behavior Therapists. Dr. Aldo R. Pucci, an IABMCP Diplomate and member of The Academy’s Professional Advisory Council, is the originator of Rational Living Therapy and the Director of the Institute for Rational Living in Weirton, West Virginia. Dr. Maxie C. Maultsby, an IABMCP Diplomate and member of The Academy’s Professional Advisory Council, is the originator of Rational Behavior Therapy and is currently in private practice in Alexandria, Virginia.

Rational Living Therapy/Rational Behavior Therapy and Problems of Everyday Living

Rational Living Therapy (RLT, developed by Dr. Aldo R. Pucci) and Rational Behavior Theory (RBT, developed by Dr. Maxie C. Maultsby) can be used to address specific emotional and behavioral problems such as anxiety, depression, stress, procrastination, overeating, addiction, dealing with children, and many other problems in daily life. Through The Academy, one- and two-day on-site workshops can be scheduled which discuss and demonstrate how RLT and RBT can be used to effectively deal with these problems. These programs can be oriented towards either professional and/or public audiences.

Rational Emotive Education (REE)

A one- or two-day program introducing and demonstrating some of the basic concepts and uses of Rational Emotive Education (REE). Rational Emotive Education is a mental health program for children and adolescents that can easily be incorporated into the regular classroom curriculum. It is an approach that is supported by the positive results from a great many empirical studies. A partial list of these studies is available upon request by e-mailing The Academy at Info@IABMCP.org. This program is frequently taught by Dr. William J. Knaus, an IABMCP Diplomate, who developed Rational Emotive Education, or by one of the professionals who have been personally trained by Dr. Knaus. A free download of Dr. Knaus’s pioneering 1974 publication, entitled “Rational Emotive Education: A Manual for Elementary School Teachers”, is available here.

Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy:
The Masterson Approach

This one- or two-day seminar focuses upon the psychoanalytic psychotherapy approach of James F. Masterson, an internationally renowned psychiatrist and psychoanalyst and authority on borderline, narcissistic, and schizoid disorders of the self. This seminar provides a critical look at the developmental self and an object relations approach to character/personality development. Current empirical research is reviewed through the lens of both Attachment and Mastersonian Theory.

The seminar leader is often Loray Daws who is Director of The British Columbia Masterson Institute for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, Co-Director of the South Africa Institute for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy and a Faculty Member at the Masterson Institute for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy in New York City. Other seminar leaders, thoroughly trained in the Masterson Approach to psychoanalytic psychotherapy, sometimes deliver these programs. More intensive programs are sometimes possible by special arrangement.

Professional Coaching:
Basic Theory, Principles and Applications

A one or two-day program that introduces the participants to the exciting world of professional coaching. In this seminar, coaching is defined, as are different kinds of coaching. A number of the major approaches to coaching, as well as some of the specific techniques that can be used, are presented and discussed. The similarities and differences between coaching and counseling/psychotherapy are examined, and the future of professional coaching is explored. This is a great introductory workshop for professionals who are considering the possibility of becoming professional coaches and also for counselors/psychotherapists who are considering the possibility of adding coaching to the professional services that they provide. More intensive programs are sometimes available upon request.

The Academy maintains a roster of IABMCP Diplomates who are experts in various topics relating to behavioral medicine, counseling, psychotherapy, chemical dependency counseling and coaching. If your group, staff, organization or association has any training needs and/or programs that you would like to offer at your site, or if you would like to co-sponsor a program with The Academy’s support and assistance, or if you have any general questions, please describe below and forward them to our office.

If you are interested in co-sponsoring a program with The Academy, a description of the terms and conditions of the co-sponsor relationship is available upon request by e-mailing The Academy’s office at Info@IABMCP.org.

Please contact The Academy at Info@IABMCP.org  to let us know what kind of educational programs might be of interest.



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